Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sabres beat the Lightning 2-1 in a shootout

-I wrote earlier this week that I wanted to see how the Sabres would play when facing adversity. Scoring the game-tying goal with 16 seconds left in the game is pretty adverse. The Sabres didn't deserve to win this game, but they battled and with timely saves by Miller, kept them in the game. A team that can win ugly, is good in my book-

-About 2 weeks ago, I wrote that Tyler Myers should be looking for a new house in Buffalo. Now he should be looking for endorsement deals with Celino & Barnes and Mighty Taco. It didn't look pretty when Myers started in on his shootout goal, but the way he was able to stop on a dime was impressive-

-I wish someone would of told me to just watch the last minute of each period of tonight's game. Take out those minutes, and you have a pretty dull hockey game-

-Is there any debate who the Sabres MVP thus far this season is? It's Ryan Miller. Whenever the Sabres need a big save, he always delivers. If it's a breakaway against Martin St. Louis or stoning the entire Tampa Bay team in a shootout, Miller is making a believer out of me. I don't want to say the word "elite" yet, but it's getting there-

-Have to love the line of Kennedy-Grier-Hecht. They are a fore checking and puck possessing machine. The play Kennedy made to set-up Grier's goal was all about pressure. Don't look now, but Grier is 3rd on the team with 3 goals on the year-

-Someone needs to tell Derek Roy for the upteenth time that he needs to shoot the puck more! In the first period, Roy led a 3 on 2 break and had a ton of room to take a shot, but elected to try and make an impossible pass to Vanek. Great players tend to be selfish, good players tend to be smart, average players tend to try too much. Which one do you think applies to Roy?-

-I don't know about you, but didn't you kind of want to see Miller versus Miller in the shootout?-

-Did you hear voices during Kevin Sylvester's pregame intro? Maybe it was Dudley Hart begging to be in the pregame show. BTW, who the f#$k is Dudley Hart?-

-Earth to Sabres TV production team!? When you are replaying a disputed goal, and the question is if the goal was scored before time ran out in the period, how about showing the game clock at the top of the replay?? Duh! Maybe I was supposed to look at the crowd and pinpoint when the fans were getting up for their intermission beer run-

-Is it just me or does every part of the Sabres broadcast have a sponsor? "And there's an icing brought to you by Perry's Ice cream." It's like I'm watching "The Truman Show" with Jim Carrey -

-Read an article on that rated the NHL's third jerseys. The Lighting got the nod as the worst uniforms in hockey. No argument from me. BTW, what would of happened if the Sabres decided to put their nickname on the front of their jersey? I mean if it was 1996, would it be "The workforce?" Or what about last year's team? "The Divers?"..OK trying too hard, but you get my drift. Dumb move Tampa?!


  1. I hate those Tampa Bay jerseys. They're ugly anyway but I hate having Bolts - a nickname - on a jersey. Gross.

    They game was totally boring outside of the last minute of each period. I hadn't thought about it but you're absolutely right.

    Love, love, love d-men in the shootout.

  2. OMG,google the Thrashers uniforms..they don't have the blue ones, anymore

  3. you only love d-men, because that means your boy may actually take a shot!

  4. Hey, my boy, faked out a future Hall of Fame goalie in the shootout a couple of years ago. :P But yeah, I do like those guys getting a chance at a little offensive glory.

  5. Yeah,considering the forwards couldn't do anything in the Shootout. Why not try the D-men.