Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My report card

I'm sure you have all realized that we are kind of in the offseason for Buffalo sports. Sorry, but if you think I'm going to write about how certain players have looked in OTAs or Sabres prospects, you have come to the wrong place. Anyways, I've decided to do a bunch of posts describing my thoughts on certain players for the Bills and Sabres. Hopefully, these posts will take me all the way to opening day for the Bills. I'm just going to pick five players per post. Enjoy!

Toni Lydman-Sabres Defenseman
Look, I don't know d#@k about what makes a good defenseman. Honestly, the only time I'll ever notice that a defenseman is doing a decent job is if I don't notice them at all. I'll notice you if you turnover the puck or if some forward makes the D-man look like The Leaning Tower of Pisa. If you want top tier scouting reports on guys like Tallinder and Lydman, please goto Heather B.'s website. As for Lydman, you know, a lot of fans have been sipping on the kool-aid about how well he played during the playoffs, and feel he should stay over Tallinder. However, it shouldn't be ignored what he did for the majority of the regular season. He turned over the puck way too many times and at one point, he was even benched by Lindy Ruff. Overall, I shouldn't be killing Lydman as much as I am, but for a guy making 3 million dollars a year that can't really hit or score, he's going to get my wraith. Sorry, but I wouldn't remember Lydman if he walked back into my classroom five years from now.
Grade: C

Patrick Lalime-Sabres Back-up goalie
This may be my last post dedicated to Lalime. From the looks of it, it seems like his days as a Buffalo Sabre net-minder are numbered. Honestly, I didn't have a problem with him as much as the majority of Sabre fans did. I've said this before, the reason why fans have such a dislike for the back-up goaltenders has to do with Marty Biron not being on the team. How many phone calls on WGR or message boards were dedicated for wanting Marty back in Buffalo? Too many for my pleasure. Bottom Line: Lindy Ruff screwed over Lalime by having him sit too much during the season. Remember, this is the same guy that won games against the Penguins and Blackhawks by giving up just one goal. Yes, he doesn't have Marty's mouth and good looks or whatever, but he's good enough to be the back-up in this league. It's ok, Patty. I know you have been picked on by everyone in class, but I'll always have your back.
Grade: B-

Tim Connolly- Buffalo Sabres center
Do I really need to get into it with this guy? He's a complete joke. He's got to be the biggest tease in the last 10 years of Buffalo Sabres hockey. Look, if Connolly was the third line center or played on a line with a couple of 40 goal scorers, I probably wouldn't have as big of a problem with him. However, when management keeps on telling me that he's suppose to be a legit number one center, that's when I have a problem with him. Plus, I'm sick and tired of hearing fans back this guy up because of his dam playoff series form 2006. Speaking of playoffs, nah...I'm not going to get into his postseason performance from this year. Sorry, but the parents (Fans), who keep on telling me that he's a good kid and deserves better are just bad parents. Bottom line: You're getting expelled from school and must wear a dunce cap for the rest of your life. Hopefully, the cap doesn't injure your fragile, injury-ridden head.
Grade: D

Shawn Nelson- Buffalo Bills tight end
I haven't really seen much of Shawn Nelson to really develop an opinion about him. From what all the draft experts said, Nelson was a steal for the Bills in the 4th round. However, besides his touchdown catch against the Patriots in week one, I really didn't see much from the 1st year pro. Of course, Nelson was third on the depth chart for the Bills at the start of the season, until injuries forced him to start down the stretch. I've always been one to criticize the Bills for acting as if the tight end position is nothing more than a filler spot. For goodness sakes, with all the guys the Bills have signed exclusively for special teams, you would have to think that tight end means absolutely d@#k to the Bills. I've said this before, when Pete Metzelaars and Jay Riemersma make up your 1-2 punch as the greatest tight ends in team history, you have a problem. Overall: You've only been in my classroom for a short time, so I will need to see more.
Grade: Incomplete

Fred Jackson-Buffalo Bills running back
If you aren't cheering for this guy to achieve greatness in the NFL, then you need to see a doctor and check if your heart is broken or missing. The dude is a rags to riches story and for whatever reason, the Bills decided it would make sense to draft a running back in the first round. Anyways, Jackson is the type of back that has proven that he can do just about everything asked of him. He can run to the outside or between the tackles and has become a pretty vital weapon in the passing game. He's also a guy that has a lot of character and someone that you can root for. OK, honestly, I don't really care for the character part because I only root for the player on Sundays. Sorry, but as your teacher, I'm not grading you for breaking up a fight or joining band. It's all about what you do on game days, not your extra curricular activities. However, at least he's a good running back that works hard on every down. In the end, you are going to make the honor role.
Grade: B+

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