Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some random Monday thoughts

With 10 days left until the start of NHL free agency and most fans clamoring for the Sabres to make a roster move or two, I've decided to give the Sabres until July 5th. In other words, if the Sabres don't make a significant move by that day, and I'm not talking about re-signing Tallinder or signing Montador version 2.0, then I am declaring war on Darcy Regier.

Now, if you were to put a gun to my head and ask me what I think is going to happen, my prediction would be as followed: They are going to cut loose Tallinder and Lydman, sign a low-end defenseman that makes like 1.5 million dollars a year and then sign/trade for some guy that gets like 10-15 goals a year. Now, if that sounds like a successful offseason to you, then you must be glowing with anticipation for Trent Edwards taking the field under Chan Gailey's offense. I just don't believe that the Sabres will trade away a guy like Connolly or Roy.

Yes, I'm sure you all think that I'm just being negative and channeling my inner Bucky Gleason, but I've watched this regime over the years to know that I have seen enough to know that I am NOT going to see enough in the offseason. When your GM has only made two summer trades in the last seven years, what makes you think it's going to be any different this offseason? What? So Larry Quinn and Regier were emotional during their year end conferences? This team didn't make the playoffs last year and they only added Mike Grier and Montador. They are coming off a division title, so why would they make changes if they didn't last year? Honestly, tell me what makes you think it's going to be different?

Still waiting....


Quick Thoughts:

--Does it really matter who the hell the Bills starting quarterback is in September? All along, I've been wanting Brian Brohm to get the nod over Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick. It's mainly due to not wanting to see another year of Captain Check Down and Jim Breuer. However, if you think about it, none of these guys are probably going to do much, if anything this year. In other words, the Bills franchise quarterback isn't on the roster, so why stress out about who should be the guy?--

--Not to sound all negative today, as I'm sure I'll get to a positive thought sooner or later, but I'd like to say that I just don't give a rats ass about the NHL Draft. Sorry, but I don't. The majority of these guys drafted are either never going to make it to the parent club or they will make it to Buffalo by the year 2013. Yes, I know, spare me with the emails on Tyler Myers. That kid is a once in a lifetime...OK, more like a once every five years type of draft pick. Bottom line: I can't get excited about drafting guys who won't make an impact until I'm 33 years old--

--Now, if you want to get excited about drafting some 18-year kid, then by my guest. However, don't try acting as if you are excited about the future because of whoever the Sabres drafted. No one knows what these guys are going to do or whether they will even make it to the parent club--

--I'm no soccer expert, but it looks like Brazil is taking the World Cup. They look unstoppable. Then again, I don't know d#$k about soccer--

--Back to the Sabres for a minute. Yes, I've read the rumors about Tomas Kaberle and Nathan Horton, but my goodness, how many rumors have we heard over the years involving the Sabres? How many of these trade scenarios actually came true? Wasn't there a rumor we were gonna get Teemu Selanne last year? Here's the thing about the Sabres, they don't let anything out of the bag on what their intentions are. I can't think of a rumor that has come true involving the Sabres--

--I definitely would love to have Kaberle on this team. Last year, the Sabres were brutal on the power play and it really came crashing down against Boston in the playoffs. They need a quarterback on the blue-line to deal with their woes of moving the puck and getting shots on net. The Sabres haven't had an offensive defenseman since Brian Campbell and before that it Wooelly? Any hoot, I think we can all say that they need some new life on the blueline. It's time to stop messing around with Jason Pominville or Derek Roy on the point during the power play--

--As for Nathan Horton, honestly, I don't know much about him. Sorry, but I follow the Sabres, the teams in their division and some of the top tier teams. As for the teams down south, well, they may as well play in South America. This is all I know about Horton, his numbers sound very similar to what Derek Roy brings to the table and he has the exact same contract. Now, here's the thing that worries me, I listened to Paul Hamilton the other day and he mentioned that Horton needs someone like Lindy Ruff to motivate him. Whoa, stop for a second. Why would the Sabres trade a guy like Roy, who by all intense purposes doesn't listen to his coach and has nights that he's just coasting, for a guy that needs motivation? Does that make any sense to you?--

--Look, I'm all for changing the culture of this team, but getting someone that needs motivation isn't changing the culture. In fact, it's just adding to the culture. We have enough guys on this team that need motivation. Now, I've heard some apologists mention that Lindy Ruff was able to motivate Daniel Briere when he came to Buffalo as a reason to believe in Horton. However, that was seven years ago. How many players have the Sabres brought in from other teams that have fallen on their faces?--

--Now, if the Sabres did trade Roy for Horton, I wouldn't kill them for it. As a matter of fact, I'd probably be cool with the deal. It would at least prove to me that they are serious about making some changes that don't involve their jerseys. However, I'd rather have them get a guy who has the same production as a Horton, but that doesn't need to be motivated. In other words: Someone that doesn't really need our help to straighten out their career--

--How about Patrick Sharp? Here's a guy that has seen it all. He's been on losing and Stanley Cup winning teams. That's something I'd like the Sabres to find this offseason, a guy that knows what it takes to get to the promise land. The Sabres haven't had a player on their roster with Stanley Cup winning experience since Chris Drury. I think it's time to find the next young leader with some real playoff experience. Plus, Sharp can play--


  1. Patrick Sharp coming to Buffalo would be amazing, but with this management, it seems next to impossible. I'm thinking of a pretty boring summer from the Sabres camp as usual

  2. Standing still is not an option

    The Sabres need to get larger up front, tougher on the blue line, and find an offensive defenseman for the power play

    a competent back up goalie should also be on the list

    can they accompish all of this, yes ; will they accomplish any of this, probably not

  3. If Chan Gailey doesn't know what he's got in the three-headed QB competition, how do you?

    Seriously, the Bills had the worst coached offense in the league last year and they still managed to win some games and keep others close until the 4th quarter.

    Give Edwards a chance in a professional offense and see if he can develop into a franchise QB or not.