Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thurman Thomas likes Brian, so what?

Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas was on WGR 550's The Howard Simon Show on Thursday morning, and was asked about a variety of topics, including which of Buffalo's stable of quarterbacks he believes will be the starter.

Thurman's answer was something of a surprise.

"I've got my money on Brian Brohm," Thomas said. "There's just something about him. When I was over there, we had a great conversation. He was picking my brain about how Jim Kelly used to do things." (Buffalo Rumblings)

Mind of Joe
Well, I'm sure if the Buffalo census decided to hand out pamphlets on who should be the quarterback for the Bills, Brohm's name would rise even further to the top because of the Thomas endorsement.

Look, you should know how I feel about former Bills players that talk about the state of the franchise. I usually just plug my ears and sing "la la la" until he's off my TV or computer screen. Now, if this latest news shows any indication on what sort of players Thurman likes, it's guys that can kiss his ass.

Think about it: He wasn't a fan of Marshawn Lynch because the California native decided not to take his advice on anything football related. So, if you ever want to get in the good graces of Thurman Thomas, just ask him a couple of questions about the golden age of Buffalo football.

On a serious note; What the hell does asking questions about Jim Kelly's legacy have to do with being a good quarterback? I mean if Trent Edwards walks up to Thurman and asks him about the no-huddle offense and recalls the greatest Comeback Game, does that put him in the driver seat?

Yes, I know, it's his opinion. However, can he at least give any sort of insight on why he thinks Brohm should start? Better yet, just say that everyone else sucks and Brohm is the unknown of the group.


  1. Thomas was asked who he think will start, not who he likes the best. This post is fail. Thomas also stated he thinks the guy has the talent and why he didn't pan out in GB. But don't mention that, just keep talking about how you don't like former players voicing their opinions. Didn't you state you wanted Brohm to win the job? i do too. Even if this just gets Brohm a smidge of a chance to start over Edwards, i'll take it.

  2. I just thought his reasoning was stupid. I mean, "Hey, he was asking me questions about Jim."

    I just thought his reasoning didn't add up to why he thinks that. He should have just came out and said that the other quarterbacks are terrible and we don't know about Brohm.

  3. Plus, Thurman's not a scout and I doubt he's ever watched a college game with Brohm in it.