Thursday, September 2, 2010

Should the Bills go after Matt Leinart?

In a word: NO!

First off, it wouldn't work between the fans and Leinart. I can already picture fans b!tching up a storm whenever Leinart would struggle. I'm talking, "Oh, the guy is from California and he can't possibly play in the cold. He's Hollywood and he only cares about being a celebrity. He's not blue-collar enough for me and Jim Kelly must be rolling over in his grave." It would be a disaster waiting to happen.

Secondly, Leinart is a media whore, who is in love with being a celebrity (C-List, of course), because he can goto clubs and hang out on red carpets (Think the opening of ESPN Zone in Omaha). He is all about getting his mug plastered on the back pages of US Weekly. Sorry, but Matty boy isn't going to get that sort of coverage in Buffalo.

On a side note: You know how you always hear experts say that NFL franchises should be cautious in drafting college players from the University of Texas and Penn State? Well, I'd throw USC into that mix. The whole mentality of that University is to try and make their athletes embrace a world of entitlement. Sorry, but you may play in LA, but you're no different than the athletes who play for The University of Michigan. Check your ego before you enter the NFL. Sorry, but you shouldn't be on GQ or Rims Magazine until you make a pro bowl.

Lastly, and probably the most important issue, Leinart isn't any good. The guy has been benched more times than Jeff George and has wasted a number of chances in the desert. The organization tried to spoon feed him the starting job on multiple occasions, yet, he has always managed to barf up the opportunity.

Leniart's career stats go like this: 57.1 comp, 3893 yards, 14 TD, 20 INT, 70.8 rating in 29 appearances (15 games started). That's not good. And considering that he played with the likes of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, and couldn't even muster up a decent passer rating, should tell you more than enough about Leinart. Plus, he's making five million dollars each of the next two years, which is way too much for the Bills taste. Not to mention, he's not worth the money.

Anyways, I probably shouldn't have wasted my breathe on this post; since the Bills already denied the report. However, since this was the talk of the day, I thought I should throw in my two cents. BTW, had to love the pissing battle between Adam Schefter and the Bills regarding the report. Frankly, I'm glad the Bills called Bupkus on Schefter. Sorry, but I still haven't been able to get over Schefter planting the Shanahan seeds of interest to come to Buffalo, when we all knew he was just trying to up the ante with the Redskins.

Look, I'm not a fan of the Bills current quarterback situation and if I were to place a bet on the future, I'd think that Edwards will be gone by next year. However, the Bills next quarterback has to be someone with a clean start (2011 draft pick) or an established quarterback. Leinart doesn't fit that criteria.

BIG NEWS!!! You know how I've been teasing my big announcement regarding this site? Well, the announcement should be made by Friday. Pretty much, I'm moving to a BIGGER platform. Stay tuned.

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